Chinese Recipes History

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Chinese recipes for cooking are some of the most interesting and delicious types you can find.

From your standard stir fry to more exotic dishes with shrimp or duck, Chinese recipes are sure to be a big hit at your dinner table or any type of get together.

Chinese recipes are often handed down throughout the generations and some have origins that date back thousands of years. Granted, there wasn’t near the technology we have today with electric woks, rice cookers, and deep fryers but the recipes remain unchanged.

Chinese recipes have a very rich history and cultural heritage but many were created by the lower class who worked very hard and needed to have a good meal. This is why so many Chinese recipes revolve around China’s main food staple. Rice.

It grows fairly fast and has a high yield making it the perfect food to accompany a meat or seafood dish. By adding rice, a meal for two can easily become a meal for five. This is accomplished in the same way by using another staple of Chinese food which is noodles.